Black Ops Multiplayer Wager Modes

New multiplayer BlackOps video released showing the new wager match mode.

The wager matches are separate from the standard rank progression, and gives players the chance to gamble for currency. The top 3 players of a games are "In the Money" and lower players points.

Different wager modes revealed:

One In The Chamber - Each player starts with a pistol, with 1 bullet, a kill earns a bullet.

Sticks and Stones - Armed with Ballistic Knife, Crossbow and a Tomahawk. Tomahawk kill bankrupts the opponent.

Black Ops' Editions Announced

Black Ops prices and edition information have been announced. The following three editions are available (US and UK prices given).

Bog standard box - $59.99 - £44.99

Limited edition Black Ops Collector's Medal with display case, 4 extra playable co-op maps not in the standard edition, Exclusive Black Ops Xbox LIVE avatar outfit, Special-edition SteelBook case - $79.99 - £69.99


As Hardened, plus Black Ops RC-XD Car, - $149.99 - £129.99

Black Ops Multiplayer Analysis

The Black Ops multiplayer teaser trailer was released yesterday, as you are all probably aware and it has a vast amount of info in there to extract. Here follows a selection of screenshots with comments.

One of the first scenes in the trailer shows a player creeping up on an opponent with a picture provided by a remote camera. Also note on screen compass.

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