Black Ops DLC Map Pack 3 - Annihilation

Four new multiplayer maps: Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo, and Hazard, along with the a new Zombies map, Shangri-La.

Annihilation pack out June 28 on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 somewhat later.

Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 3

Latest MW3 news from E3 has detailed a new addition to Spec Ops, a survival mode. You and a buddy (local or online) have to hold off waves of bad guys, earning points which can be spent on weapons, turrets and other goodies. Sounds great, but slightly disappointed by it only being 2 player.

Further details at co-optimus

Modern Warfare 3 at E3 2011

The E3 expo is of course underway in Los Angeles and quite a bit of Modern Warfare 3 has been revealed.

First up was the MW3 reveal 'Hunter Killer' level, plus the 'Black Tuesday' Gameplay Demo.

See our updated MW3 video trailers page for these.

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