Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Announced

Activision has announced the Revolution DLC, to be released first on Xbox 360 on Jan. 29.

'Revolution' contains four new maps, Downhill, Hydro, Mirage and Grind. The first DLC map pack also contains one new Zombie map 'Die Rise', a new Zombies mode 'Turned', where players play as a zombies, and a bonus SMG weapon called the 'Peacekeeper' for multiplayer.

Gaming accessories Call of Duty players will love

The recent release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II in November was the biggest launch in gaming history, whether for PC games, console games or mobile games. The worldwide event saw openings all over the globe, and just 24 hours after the launch, sales had reached $500 million, breaking the previous record by a massive $100 million. Clearly Black Ops II is no ordinary game, and to do the record-breaking title justice, you need to settle down to a good session with a few new gaming

Black Ops 2 Extended Zombie Trailer Released

Treyarch have released a new, longer zombie trailer revealing multiple locations and a bus travel system

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