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Advanced Warfare's multiplayer mode details

With the release of the multiplayer trailer for advanced warfare we now have a few details about the new features and changes of the game


  • "Boost jump" - jump much higher than in the past
  • "Slam" - an air-to-ground melee attack
  • "Boost dodge" - dodge while on the ground
  • "Boost dash" - move quickly in a direction while in mid-air
  • "Boost slide" - slide while on the ground

Ghosts 1080p on PS4

COD Ghosts confirmed to have higher 1080p resolution on PS4 than Xbox One

The console wars take on a new twist with the confirmation that Call Of Duty: Ghosts will have a higher resolution on PS4 than on Xbox One.

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The next-gen console version battle is of course always big news and the initial line-ups of games can help make or break the new hardware’s reputation and severely impact on sales.

Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC Announced

Activision has announced the Uprising DLC, to be released first on Xbox 360 on Apr. 16.

'Uprising' contains four new maps, Encore, Magma, Studio and Vertigo. The first DLC map pack also contains one new Zombie map 'Mob of the Dead'