Call of Duty WWII Resistance Community Event

From January 23, Sledgehammer have announced a community event that will run til February 27.

The Resistance is an all-new playable and permanent Division added to multiplayer, available to all players.

Gun game, will be returning, alongside the addition of demolition and prop hunt, during The Resistance event.

Call of Duty WWII - DLC Pack 1 Announced

Sledgehammer has announced the first DLC pack for WW2, 'The Resistance', which will feature three new Resistance themed maps, a brand new War Mode map and another Zombies adventure, 'The Darkest Shore'.

To be released first on PS4 on January 30th

Awesome Music Tracks in Zombies

We are suitable impressed by the the music in the zombie mode of Infinite Warfare - Zombies in Spaceland. Some great 80's music has been licensed. So we're making a note of the tracks, and linking to youtube tracklists. Enjoy!

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